ARME Bible Camp 2012

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of commitment or updates over the past few days, but stuff’s been really busy, so I haven’t had the time to update you with photos, new, and the like.

However, today’s post will be worthwhile, seeing as I’ve spent the last few days in Staffordshire (if any know where it is), at the ARME Bible Camp 2012!

It was great, I can tell you that much. Sure, the accommodation was a tight squeeze compared to what I had in mind, but it was worth every penny. It was a little disorientating, meeting so many people and all, but once we’d settled in and we went to the first meeting, things started flowing pretty smooth. I made quite a few new friends, managed to borrow a camera to take pictures with (some of which can be found below), and had a pretty awesome time. The main speaker was Ivor Myers, as predicted, but there were also a few others. Philip Sizemore, Martin Kim, Calvin Kim, and another which I can’t quite remember were also there, giving presentations, devotions (at 6:30 wake up calls), and leading out in the prayer room across the way. As you’d expect, with over 600 attendants, they needed extra kitchen staff to help prepare and serve the meals. I was one of the 15-20 that were roped in to help with the tasks. It was quite enjoyable, I have to admit. I never imagined that I’d be happy to help in a kitchen, but I guess it just goes to show that the things we least expect can sometimes happen. On Saturday evening, there was an all night prayer session going on, which I decided (along with my friend Joash) to join in on. I only managed to stay for the first two sections though, because by the time they’d finished, it was nearing 01:00am, and I really didn’t feel to stay. This was partially because I was falling asleep on my knees, and my mind was protesting against the unholy hour I saw on the clock.

In all, the weekend was great. I’d do a longer post, but I’m not too sure where to begin, and the amount of detail I’d like to go into would surely render you blind, so I’ll just put up a few pictures below that I think would be best in summarizing the ‘camp’.


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