Absent Without Leave

Rayman Origins

Hey there you slap happy readers!

There really is no excuse for not regularly updating this time, apart from the fact that my body clock’s been really messed up lately, and I seem to getting up later and later each day without my alarm clock. This explains the absence of the posts that I usually conjure up in the morning. The time for evening posts, however, was taken over by my new obsession commonly known as ‘Rayman Origins’. It’s an epic 2D sidescroller, set just after the events of the 1994/5 (?) ‘Rayman’, which I still own on PS1. You’ll be happy to know, though, that I’ve toned it down a bit, and I should have the free time to churn out a post or two in the evenings. Anyway, I’m typing here on borrowed time as it is though, and this was just a status post to let you all know that I am not dead, and will be updating soon, so I bid you all farewell!


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