Chinese Quarters, Barry Steakfries, and Procrastination

Hello there!

Yeah, it’s been a little bit of a while since I’ve done a post like this. ARME threw me off my routine that I’d gotten into, but that’s no excuse for not getting back into it sooner than I have.

Anyway, this past week and a bit has been fairly uneventful, but the events that have been going on have been pretty exciting…for me.

The first was that for the past few weeks, I’ve been eyeing Halfbrick‘s app entitled ‘Age Of Zombies: Anniversary’ on the App Store. I got it. It features their very own mascot ‘Barry Steakfries’ in a Zombie obliterating fast-paced game that I just can’t seem to put down. It’s become such a hobby that I’ve found myself climbing the Game Center leader-boards in the survival levels at a relatively slow, but assuring, rate. It’s well worth the price, and retina enabled, too. I suggest you buy it…like, now.

Second is that I’ve, as stated in my earlier post, become quite attached and interested in ‘bokeh’. So much so that I spent quite a few hours trolling though, favouriting, and downloading photos from Flickr to a special ‘Bokeh‘ folder that I use simply as wallpapers for my devices. So far the count is 254, but I hope to expand on it soon. I may need a bigger hard drive at this rate, come to think of it.

Lastly, I managed to get over to Birmingham yesterday, and not just any part of Birmingham. The Chinese Quarter part of Birmingham! It’s most easily my favorite part of the city, not that I’m exactly sure why. Maybe it’s the buildings, the writing that I can’t make sense of…or just the all over oriental feeling of it, I really don’t know. Of course there’s always that reminder that you’re in the UK. You know, the blatant prescience of native English people, the view of the 80’s flats in the distance, and the lack of blaring lights that the dense cities like Tokyo sport. It was more of a taster I guess, but it was enough to make my day. I took quite a few photos, too. Some of which will be at the end of this post. If you want all of them , then just check out my Flickr photo stream. The link should be in the sidebar.

Anyway, I’m off. Chores to do, a day to finish, Spiral Knights to play. You know the drill. Oh, by the way, just forgot to mention earlier, I’ll be away from Friday 5PM till Monday…sometime. No, I won’t tell y’all where I’m off to right now, I think I’ll leave you hanging on that one till I get back.


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