Photo Of The Day – 台北車站

台北車站 by JDHuang
台北車站 a photo by JDHuang on Flickr.


Thought I’d go for something different from bokeh today, ’cause I feel very tempted to share every bokeh photo I’ve ever favorited with you…but that’d take up hours of time, so I won’t.

Just so you know, I love light streams, too. Maybe not so much as bokeh, but it’s close. I guess I’m just a big fan of lights to be honest. Especially light streams and bokeh. Especially. I just love the whites, reds, and yellows that usually make up the car trails. That’s not really surprising though, seeing as red and white are two of my favorite colors.

Anyway, this photo comes from one of my favorite Flickr contacts JDHuang, who has done many a great light stream shot, along with all his other great works. His panorama photos are easily the best I’ve seen, go check them out. You’ll love them, trust me.

Moving on to more imminent events, you’ll know from my last post that I’ll be going away today, so I’m sad to inform you that this may be my last post for the day. I’ve always been a last minute preparation guy, and this time it’s no different, so I’m on a quest to rank up, gain some prestige, and earn some crowns (George should know the reference)! Or, in other words, I need to pack, prepare, and all that.



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