The Most Exciting Week Of May

Ah, I was supposed to update you guys on Monday…or at least somewhere around that time, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be, eh?

Well, just to ease your minds on where I have been, I’ve been at Prayer Warriors 2012 in Alton. Alton Castle, to be precise.

It was a real eye opener in many fields, and a great experience. The plenary sessions were the most informative, and the deepest parts of the weekend. I managed to get down quite a few notes and recordings, too. Prayer Warriors 2012 – Notes. It’s had to explain it all in words, so I’ll just let the notes here and pictures at the end of this post explain it all 🙂 If you want to see all of the pictures, head over to Flickr or add me on Facebook!

The rest of my week has been fairly standard though, apart from the bus ride back home today, and the iMovie trailer that I managed to develop, that is.

The trailer was to be developed for next week’s AY session, in which we would have a panel of ‘expert’ challenging our seven core beliefs on which we grounded our faith. It’s going to be a big thing, so I was asked to put together a promotion trailer…not that I’d had much experience in that area, of course. Fortunately, the new iMovie for iPhone update came along with the iMovie ’11 feature: Trailers! It was just a matter of choosing the theme, recording the clips, adding in some pan and zoom photos, and making sure the battery didn’t die during recording. It took from around 5 till 8 to complete to a standard that I was mildly ok with before we showed it to all those who were there at the time, and to my surprise…it was a big success! Now, I haven’t quite got permission to upload it yet, but hopefully by Tuesday everything will be sorted for the final public export.

Now then, on to today. You see, I ended up going to Karen’s house to help cut her front lawn grass with her son after pathfinders, and that went all well. Especially with us pretending to be hard-core westerners from back in the 1700’s. Especially.

Anyway, it was soon coming 5:00 by the time we’d finished, so I decided to head on home and catch the bus. That was all good, but it was the route and time the bus took to get home that got to me. You see, the ride home to my house usually takes 15 minutes maximum, not 1:30 hours. So when I saw that I was going away from my house, I was a little bit worried, needless to say. Turns out though that it was the ‘normal’ route now…not that I necessarily agreed with the driver, but I went along with it, and found myself back at the bus station an hour and fifteen minutes later. Now that was annoying. I did, however, gain hope when the bus driver seemed to finally find his bearings and go towards where the sign on the bus said: Low Hill. It was an agonizing 15 minutes before I finally arrived home at 6:30, exactly an hour and a half after leaving my starting point.

I was home at last.

And that’s where I pick up my life story now! I decided to finally do a post before I got through the door, and now I’m doing it, I feel much better. I’m back on my schedule now, so things should roll a lot smoother, but until then…


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