Newsspot – A Father’s Example Guides Tebow

Hello there! You know, this article caught my eye today. Now I dont’ have much deep to say about it, but it always warms my heart when I hear stories like this. The bond between the west and places like this is pretty weak at its best, so when I see things like this, it’s an instant improvement to my mood, seeing how people actually go out of their way, take time to visit these children, and treat them like brothers and sisters. The be honest I’d never heard of Tim before, but to me he seems like a good, decent guy…but I’ll leave you to be the judge of that, seeing as I only know him from this article.

A Father’s Example Guides Tebow

Children at an orphanage founded in the Philippines by Bob Tebow.
Published: May 15, 2012

LAMSUGOD, the Philippines — The last time Tim Tebow visited his father’s orphanage here in the remote hills of Mindanao island, he stood at the edge of a grassy yard and told the children to make a loop with their arms. Then, to their amazement, he threw a football right through them.

“He’s really good at throwing!” said the Rev. Roberto P. Gauran, 67, who runs the orphanage with his wife, Raymunda, 65. “At 30 meters he could hit dead center, or even farther.”

That was three years ago, before Tebow’s professional stardom cut down on his time for travel to the Philippines. But the boys and girls here still toss around a football he left behind for them — among the very few youngsters in the country who know how.

“Kuya Timmy taught us how to throw it,” said Jessa Berbo, 16, using a local term for big brother. The word here at the orphanage is that Tebow himself singled her out as the child with the best arm.

Tebow’s father, Bob, founded the orphanage in 1992 as part of his missionary work in the Philippines with the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association, headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. He visits several times a year, sometimes bringing with him a group of American volunteers to preach in distant towns and villages.

On a recent visit, Bob Tebow showed the children a video of his son on the field and the orphans watched with a mixture of excitement and puzzlement, said Roberto Gauran Jr., 28, the oldest of the pastor’s seven children, who also works here.

“The children here know he is famous, but we don’t play football in the Philippines and sometimes we don’t know what is going on,” he said. “We watch Fox News sometimes, so we know what is happening in the States with Tim and we know that people are mocking him for his faith.”

But most Filipinos, obsessed with basketball rather than football, have not heard of Tim Tebow, or of his father’s foundation. His name rang a bell with one academic here who said, “Oh, is he the one who puts biblical verses under his eyes?”


As always, this is only a long excerpt from the real thing. To carry on reading, go over here: NY Times – A Father’s Example Guides Tebow

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