Birmingham? Failure!

Yeah, the title just about sums this whole thing up, to be honest.

You see, since there was a little church concert going on in Handsworth, the youth decided to go up for it, and I managed to get along too. Now, it started at 19:00 hours sharp, which is what we were aiming to get there for, but due to some…difficulties…we didn’t get there as early as we had hoped.

It was 18:25 when we were meant to catch the bus, and so we did. The problem was that we were missing a fellow traveller who didn’t knwo the way by themselves, so we had to get off, and wait for them to meet us at another bus stop. The next bus was at 18:45, which we did manage to catch with everyone this time, and as we boarded the 126, it felt as we were finally making progress. Don’t think we were deluded or anything though, we knew we were going to be late, but just not as late as we got there for. The ride on the 126 lasted for 1 hour and 45 minutes, bringing us to 19:30 when we finally got off, only to find that this was not our final destination.

The walk to the next bus stop for the 33 or 51 (whichever came first), and waiting time was around 15 minutes long, taking our total time to 19:45, which none of us were really impressed with. Did I mention there were around twelve of us? Yeah, there were. Anyway, moving on, we caught the 33, which took us to the ‘One-Stop’ shopping center about 20 minutes later, and walked the rest of the way to Handsworth church for about 10 minutes for around 18:15. It had to have been the most failed trip I had been on yet.

Worse still, by the time we’d got to the concert, we only managed to listen to three songs before they closed! Now we were regretting coming in the first place, but the silver lining to the cloud was that there was a social after, which we were more than happy to stay for.

As we were getting ready to leave, however, we found that some of the group had dipped off and left a while ago, leaving around seven of us to make our way back. This was all at around 22:15, because the last bus to Walsall left at 22:29. So we part ran, part walked our way to the stop, and had a few close encounters with cars as we decided which bus to go on. The 51 across the road, or the one to Walsall? Eventually as we studied the time difference and the time our buses from Wolverhampton left, we settled on the bus to Walsall.

Now, a word of warning: Never go on the bus so late at night. Never. There are scary people out there.

As you can probably guess, we met some of those scary people. Well, more like a bus full of them, because everyone on the top floor apart from us seven were either drunk, or stoned. It was not the prettiest sight in the world, but definitely the most funny once you’d learned to laugh…and not cry. It did go a tad over toe top though with some girls in the back, and we were…slightly disappointed to find that they were joining us on our next bus. Once we arrived in Wolverhampton, we all went our separate ways. Some got lifts, and some caught the bus.

It was most definitely the most failed trip ever, but also the most interesting, too.


P.S I will be back later on with a few pictures and articles, but this is all I had time for this morning.


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