Long Time! No Post?/Happy Birthday Timmy!

So, long time, no post, eh?

Yeah, I’ve been out of it for a while. What I didn’t tell you guys (or I don’t think I did) was that I went on holiday this month. Granted it was only for a week, but at least it gives me an excuse for no posts or new updates that week, right? Yeah, I thought so too. But, apart from that, I am the guilty one. That, and so is my friend Kym for keeping me away from updating you guys with her amazing womanly charm and beautiful face *cough*. Fortunately you didn’t miss out on much though. My social life has been quite stagnant as of late, and my sleeping patterns have been…less than adequate these past few weeks, which has also contributed to my lack of posts for you guys. I am back on track though, so tomorrow I can give you another one of my ‘Photo Of The Day’ posts. Trust me, there are so many I would like to put up it’s overwhelming.

If you’d like to view some of the photos from my holiday (some of which came out better than expected) then just go to my Flickr here. Oh, that’s another thing too! I now have a Flickr Pro account, and you all know what that means! That’s right! 100% more statistical goodness, amongst other goodies! 😀

Ah, and last but not least! Today is Kym’s birthday! No, dear readers, I didn’t forget, I’m on Skype to her at this very moment! I just thought I’d bring attention to her, since she has been a little bit of a moaner today, so maybe this, (and your heartfelt birthday greetings), will cheer her up a bit.

Happy Birthday Timmy! 🙂



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