Happy Birthday To…Me!

Yeah, so it’s a bit late, seeing as my actual birthday was Friday the 5th, but better late then never, right? Yeah, you’d better agree. Anyway, to be honest, my 16th has been the best so far. I mean, my Mum went as far as to plan a surprise birthday party weeks in advance, while I thought it was going to be a nice, quiet event in which I could relax and  play some Bastion. And I was right, to a certain extent…

Friday passed without trouble. I’d gotten myself some Apple EarPods, and felt pretty good about it! Problem is, as I was about to discover, most parties are held on Sundays.

Now, in my defense, I had been told it was my friend’s (Christina) Mum’s party, which wasn’t a total lie, seeing as it was her birthday on Sunday, too! Plus, Mum had been going all stealth mode, but had actually planned it in such a way that it actually seemed normal to me. I mean, she is kinda secretive sometimes. So there I was, getting ready for my own party, thinking I was going to go, sit down, look cool, and be anti-social…

Standard party routine.

Anyway, so like twenty minutes before I go, I’m FaceTiming Juj, and he’s making all manner of excuses why he can’t play, and to be honest, they actually seemed viable, so I bought them. Then he makes an excuse that he had to go out, and heads off. That really should’ve put me on edge, but as I was playing Bastion at the time…my brain didn’t really think it through. That game requires some immense brain-power, I assure you.

Arriving at the hall, I spotted my Grandad’s car, which I aptly point out by saying to my Mum ‘Look! Grandad’s here!’ and to which she responds ‘Oh, must be playing dominoes. You know him, plays them everywhere.’

Well played.

So I continue on without a care in the world, determined to get in there and not look late for the party (seeing as we were 20 minutes over), and walk into…

A hall full of people from nearly all of the United Kingdom, who all suddenly look at me, and shout ‘Happy Birthday!’

I was shocked stupid.

My mind literally part reeled, and part raced to find an answer to this turn of events, so two people had to help me to my seat, since I was shaking so badly. I sat down, and was almost of the verge of happy tears, seeing as I’d expected a quiet birthday that would pass by. It took me almost a full hour to stop shaking, especially after I’d shaken nearly everyone’s hand and said thank you. I couldn’t even eat, since my food kept falling off my fork every time I tried to eat some.

Then, as I was seated, I spotted Juj.

The betrayal…

Was non-existent. I was actually glad he’d kept it from me. Happy, even. I didn’t even expect to see him there, but there he was, looking at me with his almost ‘me gusta’ look that said the word ‘TROLL’D’ in every possible way. There were others too, such as my cousins from Wolverhampton (including the infamous KODAKION), and Wales, the latter I was especially surprised to see there.

Now, seeing as it would take too long to drift through all the events that went on at a leisurely pace, I’ll just leave you with a few things:

The night was ace.

I’ll never forget it.

The pictures can be found on my Flickr stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stairhopper/


Edit (00:10, 12/10/2012) : Removed many of the photos off Flickr, and kept the select few. There were just too much.

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  1. hahaahahaha! This brought a huge smile to my face when I read this. They got you big time mate. Thats totally blessed bro! Enjoy your 16th year of life and may you continue to grow and be blessed and highly favoured in what ever it is that your hands find to do.


    1. Stairhopper says:

      Glad it did! 😀 & I know, I was totally unprepared for it, since no one I knew breathed a word! & Thanks for that, I’ll remember it 🙂


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