Fade To Black

Now, I’m not really super keen to put a picture of myself up here, nor was I to put it on Flickr in the first place, but it illustrates my point well, so I’ll use it.

It’s easier to make the wrong choice.

In today’s society, it seems to be easier to make the wrong choice, especially for younger generations.

Take stealing, for example. I’ve found it’s becoming increasingly acceptable for some of my friends to steal from supermarkets and the like without a guilty conscience, even going as far as to try smuggling multiple goods out at a time. At first it was a big shock, and I immediately tried to sway them from the idea, but it became apparent that my words were going unheeded, so I just decided to separate at that stage and not take part in any of the dealings.

Point is, everywhere I see, dishonesty, cruelty, etc. is becoming more acceptable everywhere as each generation comes and goes.

What’s the reason, you ask?

Answer is…

I’m not sure.

This is Alex, signing off.

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