Photo of The Day – San Francisco Stay

Well, I finally found the willpower to do another one of these! I think I’ll go back to my standard Newsspot and photo scheme from today onward. I’ll have to go back and review how exactly I did it though…

Anyway, today’s photo comes from another one of my contacts (American, this time) called Thomas Hawk who’s real name is Andrew Peterson!

I’ve always loved photos like this one, with the ‘miniature’ effect due to the DOF and focal length (or simulated via application). The vivid colors on this photo make it stand out, too, with it’s contrasting whites, reds, and array of colors. Of course, the ‘stay’ sign sticks out the most, with it being the only noticeable words in the photo, and the item with the most color, and I like that. It gives a viewer some definite thing to focus on in a cityscape-like photo, which can be very rare these days.

Nice job Andrew!

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  1. bereal says:

    His real name is NOT Thomas Hawk. It’s Andrew Peterson.


    1. Stairhopper says:

      Really? Ah, sorry, I’ll correct that! Thanks for letting me know! 😀


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