Take Me To My Happy Place

We all have those places. You know, the places where we feel content, happy with life, or contemplative. Our happy places.

Mine, for example, is the train. It used to be my room (and for most it is), but lately I’ve forged a kind of connection with my inanimate mode of transport. I feel at home, in a tranquil state of mind, able to think clearly, and organize my thoughts on life. The train is where most of my creative ideas these days are born, and you’ve probably guessed that I’m typing this on the train right now. The London Midland 17:00 Wellington to Wolverhampton to be exact. Here is where I can think on my day, organize tomorrow, and just sit back and relax in general. The scenery helps too, with the rushing browns of towns amd the greens of fields lulling me into a state of trance almost. However, I always dread it when I arrive at Wolverhampton, and am thrust back into the hustle and bustle of society without warning, apart from the conductor’s voice. I honestly couldn’t spend enough time on the train even if I tried.

I challenge you. Go and find your ‘happy place’, as stupid as it may sound to some, and see how much better you feel and think after. See what your mind comes up with, and see how you could spend hours upon hours of time there.

This is Alex, in his happy place, signing off.

Song of the moment: Coldplay – Lost?

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