Our relationship with snow is a fickle thing.

We ask for it to get days off school, college, and work, we enjoy playing in it for a time, and then after a day or two, we turn on it and wish for it to disappear. We’re all guilty of this, even me. However, snow, with all it’s faults and irritances, does make things look beautiful. Look at a town from above after a snowfall, and you’ll see a fine blanket of white, instead of the usual browns and greys symbolizing human civilization. The trees are weighted and outlined in white, and smoke from houses is clearly visible, giving the impression of a warm and cosy environment within, safe from the cold. Snow makes many things look extraordinary, and the makeup of the stuff itself is incredible, too. Millions of tiny flakes all clumped together becoming more compact by the minute, giving the ‘crunchy’ impact when stepped on.

Yes, snow really is a wonder, and here in the UK we seem to be getting our fair share these days, but maybe, just maybe, the blankets ought to give it a rest for now…

It is March, after all.

This is Alex, hoping that the snow stops soon, after we’ve all had a chance to admire it, and hoping you all have a nice day!

Song of the moment: Coldplay – Violet Hill

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