The Sentimental Type

In all honesty, not many of us label ourselves as ‘the sentimental type’ at first, and maybe only figure out later on in life. The thing is though, that even those who adamantly refuse to be pigeon-holed as sentimental, can be the worst. We all have those things that we find it hard to let go of in life, that remind us of the past, and especially those who have left us behind.

For example, you’re…say…42, okay? You’re visiting your parents house, which may, or may not be, the house that you grew up in as a child, but only your mother is alive at the time, due to unfortunate circumstances. Whether you grew up in that house or not can have great effect, but even the objects and scenes that remind you of earlier days can trigger memories and emotions that you never even thought to bring up. In the scenario that it is indeed the house that you grew up in, it would probably be the hardest. Each room would hold significant memories, good or bad, and every object you saw would probably hold a great deal of sentimental value also. You would encounter objects reminding you of all the various stages of your life, and your father, which can bring an onslaught of emotions.

Now, it’s important to note that there are two types of sentimental people. The first look back on their pictures, objects, and memories with fondness, remembering the good times they’ve had, and even making them feel happy about their past, before moving on.

The second type are very much different, but not quite the exact opposite. They look back remembering the times, but want to bring them back, and can often spiral into depression when they dwell on the subject too long, because as we all know, time travel isn’t possible.

At this point, some may say ‘Well I’m not sentimental, so I don’t know what you’re going on about.’, and in their own mind, they may be right. Maybe they haven’t found anything that holds that much value to them yet, or maybe they’ve learned to move on and let go of the things that do.

Either way, we’re all the sentimental type. It’s just a matter of admitting it to ourselves.

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