My Thoughts On: Natural Disasters, Taxes, and a New User Interfaces!

You know, my heart goes out to the victims of the recent natural disaster in Oklahoma, America. It really does. I’ve never been in a disaster myself (and hope not to be), but it must be hard, not only losing part of your lives in material substance, but also losing family members and loved ones in the same circumstance, with nothing and no-one to blame but the weather.

This section of the post, however, is more to do with how we see natural disaster and their effects these days. In my mind, we’ve become ‘desensitized’ by the frequent disasters, natural and man-made, that we’re bombarded with every day. I mean, with all the disasters and death that we see on TV, in Newspapers, and all around us, it’s not hard to see why we are less inclined to feel emotion at the sight of another disaster when we’re constantly surrounded by them all the time. I just hope that we can find it in ourselves to be heartfelt in our condolences and feel genuine sympathy when something goes wrong with someone, as we would like people feel if it was us in that situation.

For the second part of my post, in all seriousness, why can’t these companies be truthful and pay taxes where taxes are due? We complain that the economy is collapsing, and that our countries are in debt, but when you think about it, would all this have happened if these companies had been truthful with their earnings and paid that they owe the state, and stopped avoiding the inevitable? Now, I’m no expert in finance and stock, and I’ll happily admit that. I just think that, even though we may not be totally out of debt if they had have been truthful, perhaps we wouldn’t be in so much. Opinions on this recent Google UK crisis, and the fact that the NHS and all Schools could be funded by what it owes us anyone?

Thirdly, and probably the most insignificant of all three (though I find it exciting nonetheless), has anyone discovered Flickr’s new layout? I personally love it, though it seems that these days the ‘header’ or ‘banner’ that I first saw on Facebook has become all its age as of late. Nearly all social networking sites I use have one now. I know it’s used to ‘express yourself’ and all that, but don’t you think it’s become a bit global? Isn’t there another alternative?

Well, that’s all I can churn out of my head for today.

I have a date with destiny (which, in my speech, is translated as finishing off collecting all the useless and unimportant bits of junk in Tomb Raider)!

Until next time!

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