Is It Wrong?

As kids, and even adolescents, we are told to be grateful for what we have, because there is always someone worse off that us.

This phrase comes up a lot when we seem to be absorbed by our own problems in life, and we are told to, in simple terms, get over it and realise there are people worse off.

Is the saying used in context though?

When we have problems, are we automatically ungrateful? Are we automatically disregarding all the things one has done for us if they have one trait that annoys us? I wouldn’t think so. When we have problems, we are still grateful to be able to sleep after a long day, or have a good meal, though we may not vocalise it as much as the provider would like.

What appears to be the problem is the way in which we deal with our problems. We all have our different ways, with some becoming extremely overt, and some very closed and silent. Those who take the latter approach and similar to their issues often find themselves on the end of the ‘grateful’ talk as minors, and as adults, well, if only you could read the minds of your colleagues. It isn’t the fact that they are ungrateful, or that they believe they are the ‘be all and end all of the universe’ and disregard other people’s problems at all.

It is just that way they deal with theirs.

This is Alex, typing on the train at 8:10, giving you thoughts straight from the head (sorry if they’re a bit disorganized).

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