Age Is Just A Number

There was one stage where I willed myself to be older, and even now I still do! Though…not as often. Anyway, the point still stands that we tend to will ourselves to be older, and then wish we had stopped ageing at the good age of 10. That is, if 10 was a good age for some. I know 10 was the best year ever for myself…

Anyway, I myself have just turned 17, and if you’ve been there, you can probably relate to the feeling of it quite being an adult, yet not being sixteen either. It just seems to be one of those ages that don’t belong. I suppose it doesn’t help that I’m not one for birthday’s either. I enjoy them yes, but I’m one of the ‘abnormal’ who tend to keep it low key, with no real celebrations and such. My 16th ‘low-key’ was thwarted by my mother though, but I can’t say I would’ve liked it any other way.

Moving on though, now that my introduction is finished, I can happily say that today has indeed been very good indeed! So far I’d say the highlight of the day would be my good sister/mother (it’s complicated, please don’t ask) Zhané Simpson, who has been…well…her usual self! Which is of course fine by me…any different and I’d have to call in external forces to deal with her. Aside from her abnormal tendencies, I’m not going completely lie and say I feel the same either. My joints seem to creak more, my allergy to sunlight has definitely increased, and my mind just seems to be grinding to a halt (hence no recent updates). All in all, I just feel…well…older!

That brings me to the title though! Age really is just a number! Obviously we all mature (some slower than others, and some…well…extremely slow) in the end, but in essence age is simply the act of gaining life experience and the ticking of the biological clock. I, of course, am hoping to pay this clock no heed…and still pass as 15 on the bus in several years (though I can’t even do that now).

Perhaps the drivers by then will be visually impaired…I don’t really know…

In closing, all I can say really is…well…bye!


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