WordPress Rage, Dropped Scones, and other Ramblings…

First, allow me to vent my frustration at the Windows 8 WordPress application.

Wait for it.

Let me build up some steam.

Pressurising rage.

Awaiting inevitable explosion.


I honestly can’t begin to describe how much I’m beginning to resent this app! It doesn’t auto-save, draft saving is nearly non-existent, it crashes constantly, hell even locking the screen seems to kill the process! I had a rather decent (if I say so myself) post almost ready for publishing when I took it upon myself to hunt for some sustenance in the lower levels of my abode. Lo and behold, when I came back expecting to add the finishing touches, a category or two, and pat myself on the back, it was all gone! All (insert some number between 800 and 1200 here) words of it! Alas, I can’t stay angry for long though, so I’ll just get back to my original post and see what I can remember.

Rage depleted.

Anyway. Dropped scones. Such an odd concept to think about. When I first heard of it, I immediately thought of a scone dropped or flattened, then being pronounced as edible, but it appears I was way off the mark. It was brought to my attention not long ago what they actually were, and the fact that people were labelling pseudo-pancakes as some relative of the scone seemed even weirder than the theory that the government control the weather (which I’m beginning to buy into. Come on guys, clouds aren’t meant to last this long). I tried to find a link between the scotch pancake (which I enforce is its rightful name) and the scone. Suffice to say I came up short, and could see no link between the edible bun-like object lined with jam or other fillings, and the small round almost flat object that could be considered a pancakes younger sibling. I was severely stumped. Another question is why is it so small? Why not go the full length and create a large pancake instead of multiple ‘not-to-scale’ copies. Do they stretch further? Is it the calories? Are they the alternative if you don’t have enough batter? Perhaps I’ll never know the reason for their initial creation, but what I do know is that they are not in any way close to scones, thus their secondary title claiming to be the dropped variant is completely redundant. Sometimes I wonder how exactly things are named these days.

Moving off scones though, I feel as though I need to get back to what really matters. Rambling. You know, the ordinary (or in some cases not to ordinary) questions and thoughts that seem to bombard your mind without a moment’s notice. The kind of questions that I myself have thought of like ‘What orientation is the universe? Does it have an axis? Does it turn?’ which links to ‘Is the world upside down yet still round?’ (does that even make sense?) or ‘Is our universe within another?’. Of course not all my thoughts are about such topics like the universe, the meaning of life, and sophisticated things (such as the frequent revelation that I am indeed a separate living soul/entity/insert name here), with the occasional ‘Am I prepared for the zombie apocalypse?’ and other less-educational thoughts paying me a visit. Seriously though, which way up is the universe? Does it even have an up? Is it even 3D outside our borders? Are there more dimensions right here that we just can’t see?

Would a Fez allow us to communicate with the sacred hexahedron?

Okay, perhaps that was a bit too off topic, but those who link Fezzes to dimensions will see what I mean.

Another completely unrelated topic that I feel I need to address is the apparent lack of winter here in the UK (international visitors may skip this section if you wish). Yes, it’s November I know, and yes, it’s cold, but a few years ago there was actual snow! We had down to -8 in my area, and it just seemed like the run up to Christmas (I even got my first Christmas card today, but even I’ll admit it’s a tad early) actually seemed like it. Now it seems that winter consists of January to March, and October to December is riddled with temperatures between 6 and 20 degrees with grey clouds and chance of frost (before you comment, I believe that every tale deserves embellishment…and though this may not be a tale, I shall embellish it regardless). It seems like a millennia ago that when snow was forecast, snow was…well…forecast. I’m talking one news reporter would predict snow not just for the hamlet beyond the rolling hills down yonder, but an entire county, or even a blanket across most of this floating (I actually did believe this at one point) lump of rock. Gone are the days of waking up on the 25th of December to flakes of frozen H2O falling from the sky, with a warm hearth providing all the heat you need to stay warm as you unwrap lump after lump of coal.

Or presents. Hopefully presents.

Nowadays it seems to have changed, with the usual routine being to wake up to the central heating off, grey clouds lazily dragging themselves across the sky, and then unwrapping a new t-shirt guaranteed to keep you from sweating in the now standard 10 degree weather.

In my opinion, I’d rather it be summer.

Oh wait, we haven’t even got that either, but that’s for another post.

This is Curly Tops Ale Jolly J-

This is Alex signing off, leaving you with a reminder about those clouds.

Slow ErosionSlow Erosion a photo by Alex Holyoake on Flickr.

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