Windows 8: A Year With Tiles

My obsessive compulsory disorder gets the best of me at times, especially when it comes to electronics. Yes, I also have the normal cleaning obsession, and making sure everything sits right at 90-degree angles, but I also have a thing for user interfaces and file systems. Thus you can imagine when Windows 8 first came out advertising *gasp* tiles (angles included) how much I just had to get it.

Anyway, it’s been almost exactly a year (give or take a few days) since I first installed the OS to my desktop PC and laptop, 11 months since I ditched Android for Windows Phone 8, and a few days since I embarked on the Surface journey. A lot’s happened since the release, with 8.1 bringing back the coveted start button, and the app store actually being populated with many half-decent apps instead of half-baked imitations of official programs. All in all, it’s been a good run so far.

As for the tiles which grew on me so much? They’re still alive and… live? I have to admit when I first started using the desktop OS, I was a bit lost at the whole ‘small’, ‘medium’, and ‘wide’ tile scenario with all the visual data just being shoved into my retina at 75hz. Like I said, it grew on me though and I soon found myself shuffling layouts, sizes and backgrounds to create that personal look. The best part for me though was (and is) the consistency between my devices. I just opted to sync all my tiles across to my other platforms and there they were (with a little tweaking, different screen sizes and all).

Of course over the year there have been many woes and trials as with nearly all computers (Windows 8.1 update bringing memories for anyone?), but although there have been struggles I think it’s safe to say my year with my live tiles has been a great experience, especially with all the right angles.

This is your local (or not so local) Microsoft fan boy being exactly that.

Xbox, turn off!

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