Slow Motivation

It’s been a slow year thus far, both in terms of time and inspiration. I just seem to have lost the drive to do much apart from live a monotonous college life, with little outside it apart from a few ‘extra curricular activities’. Don’t worry though, it’s back… or getting there at least.

I’ve actually picked up my camera properly with the intention of taking photos in what seems like months, and got back into the editing workflow. The only thing really is the appalling weather (100-mph winds and pretty consistent rain here in the UK), which can come out nice in a picture, but it’s not exactly the best to stand outside in or trek about in for hours with equipment. The desire to take is back though, and so is the desire to actually get something down on this blog apart from posts about my apparent lack of life.

Hey, at least once the end of June rolls around I’ll be free to update as frequently as I like.

Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

Drop me a comment, and I'll see how fast I can reply!

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