The Appalling State

Of bus fare.

I’m being serious too. It seems every other day it gets hiked up by at least 5p, making the commuter woes even more…woeful… If that’s even possible in 2014. It’s just never really clicked for me. Sure, many pennies make a pound (or an extra one in this case), but how many spare pennies can a commuter have when withdrawing notes and mostly getting them changed into pounds? Especially for child fares, who’s users probably don’t withdraw many notes anyway.

Then it gets exceedingly awkward when you board a bus, put in the required fare you last remember in exact pounds, only to have the driver stare intently at you. Then you look towards the fares sign, and lo and behold, five pence has been added.

Sometimes I wonder if they just forget to round down… Or forget on purpose, just for kicks.

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