So today I sat down at Photoshop (which I had long abandoned, instead preferring Lightroom), and thought on a phrase which I had heard recently, which by chance linked to the recent Valentines Day, but could also be used as a subject for a quick font mesh (forgive me, since I’ve forgotten where exactly the fonts came from), hence the above image!

The quote itself I find undeniably true though, as relationships are where vulnerability is most needed. It may seem far fetched, but to make a relationship truly work, both sides must have a sense of complete vulnerability as they continue to open up to each other about history, thoughts, feelings, and other aspects. Without that openness, things can quickly crumble into nothing, or create an unhealthy relationship based of assumptions, guesswork, and a lot of confusion.

Along with the openness though and the willingness to share, understanding has to be there too. The worst thing that can happen is being open, then immediately being judged. If that ever happens, it might as well have been best to never open up at all.

Still, here’s to some long-lasting relationships in 2014!

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