White Wine For One (Or More), Please

Surprises are usually pretty nasty things in everyday life. You know how it is. Your car got towed, you’ve been unexpectedly fired, someone has passed away, etc. Just those things that you couldn’t really predict were going to happen, and didn’t want to happen anyway. A lot of these happen everyday too… Like how I went to eat some Cheerios this morning, only to find the box pretty much empty (of course, I scavenged what was left though), and yes that’s a minor example but I think you see my point.

There’s just something about how we as humans want a future set in stone…which is why we plan, scheme, have timetables, calendars, schedules, and all manner of things to map out or futures and feel secure in our planning to make sure nothing is left to chance. The problem is that more often than not, these ‘surprises’ often get in the way of what we want, and what we’ve been heading up to.

We often forget about those pleasant surprises that we get though (not as often) and focus more on the negatives, which has given a bad connotation to the term surprise in general. It’s odd yet understandable how we take those little surprises for granted, even ones such as surprise birthdays or other things, since in life the bad surprises usually far outweigh the good, but still… It’d be nice to focus on the times you expect to order white wine for one…then end up having more.

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