Selfies At 50mm: A Tragic Tale Of Fail

Just let me tell you how much I deplore ‘selfies’ (of myself of course): A LOT.

There’s just something I dislike about taking photos of myself. Even my Instagram feed is filled with either my photography, or some decent photos of myself (bar the Skylanders woolly hat stint, blame the excitment… or Subway). I guess it’s true that photographers prefer to be behind the lens rather than in front… or maybe it’s just being in front of the smallest lenses, as most are taken with phones..

Either way, I hate them.

I do make exceptions on rare occasions though, usually for laughs and… laughs!

Yesterday was one such occasion. You know how it is. I’d been asked to take photos at a surprise meal, and it went without a hitch (unless you count the flash dying towards the end). Then, the friend who asked me to take the photos asks for a selfie!

Ah. Problem.

You see, the place was dark…so I opted for a 50mm 1.8 with a flash (in other words, it created damn near enough light to rival the sun)… and at a fixed 50mm zoom, you’re getting in pretty close.

Still, I gave it a shot, took the camera from around my neck, stretched out my abnormally long arms (seriously, no sleeves fit me, it’s depressing), and at the sacrifice of looking a little bit crazy, took the photo.

As you can see, it indeed was a ‘Tragic Tale of Fail’.

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