New Year (albeit 9 days old), new theme, new post, same old procedure!

2014 was interesting, met some new people, did a few new things, but mostly stuck to what I know and already could do, which in a way is both good and bad. This year though I’m hoping that I’ll somehow find the motivation to do a little bit more and step outside the box of monotony that is everyday life. Of course keeping positive is the main key to doing that, but lets face reality: every year most of us make resolutions (or subconscious ones at least) and find out halfway down the line that we either never made the changes, or started and failed.

To be honest it’s a bit depressing what put that way, but that’s how it is! Still, there’s always the hope that sheer willpower and maybe that little something that can give the motivation we need.

I hope that everyone’s 2015 got off to a good start, and if it did’t that the next 356 days will make up for whatever happened!

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