Do You Want To Die?

I’ve been observing my surroundings a bit lately, coming and going from work, college, just in general really, and I’ve noticed something:

Nearly everyone seems to have near death experiences everyday, and the most common is a combination of cars and mobile phones.

It’s a common thing to see really. A pedestrian is furiously typing away on their phone, and doesn’t seem to notice the drop in height as they stray onto the road, their feet guiding them on auto pilot. The driver of the oncoming veichle percieves this just in time and either (depending on the situation) slams their brakes on or swerves, while simaltaniously mashing the horn to alert the pedestrian as to their own ire and the fact they (the pedestrian) could’ve been killed.

What bothers me about this repeating scenario is the fact that most of the people who walk continue to get lost in their own little world regardless of how many times they find themself in the unfortunate position of almost becoming roadkill. There’s no casual awareness as to where they’re really going, or any casual lifts of the head to check they’re on the right track, just two eyes wholly focused on a screen and whatever it’s displaying.

How hard can it be, really? Just looking up every now and then to check at where you are on the route to the destination, or to be aware of roads and traffic out of the corner of your eye before blindly walking across a main road?

Do half of us really want to die that much? Because that’s how we die.

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