Simpler Times

It’s only when you go back to what you once knew that you realise how complicated life has become.
I visited quite a significant place to me from a few years back the other day, and thought how much easier it was to get along in life back then. Not only that but the contrast in difference from a city area (where I am now) to a more rural area (where I was). The people were more friendly, relaxed, and open. The whole atmosphere was different to what I’d become used to and a reminder of how much I dislike living in a heavily populated area. Instead of passing wary glances I was greeted and waved at, which momentarily threw me off as how to respond. The amount of people there (for a Tuesday) also made me realise that these people had time to take off and catch up on life, unlike the busy lifestyle of metropolitan areas.
It was a real throwback, and to be honest I could do with more of it. Honestly I think my main goal in life from now is to get back to that kind of area in my future. It’s something I could definitely get used to again. Not a child this time, but as an adult.

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