All hail your Lord and Saviour.

So yesterday I felt like I ought to try new things.

And so I did!

Creating a poly art portrait was what I decided to do since I have a newfound obsession with the stuff. It took time, around 7-8 hours total, and the method and workflow was a very long and tedious process involving real photography, photoshop manipulation, and illustrator wizardry in order to bring it all together.

Creating the wire mesh seen above was the most time consuming part of the process, I can tell you that now. Drawing all those rough triangles by hand between a trackpad and Magic Mouse wasn’t exactly enjoyable.

It all paid off though in the end! After drawing the mesh, perfecting it with vectors, and filling in all the pieces in relation to the base image, I was darn impressed with my efforts on a first try! I can honestly say that I’m open to taking requests for this line of art. In fact, I’ve already got two lined up! Let me know if anyone wants one!

And if you’re wondering about the title, I figured once I’d finished this that my pose was similar to some sort of royalty portrait, which instantly made me think of Far Cry 4 and Pagan Min. If you know who I’m on about, then the final line shouldn’t surprise you at all.

May Alex’s light shine upon you all.

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  1. Creativitism says:

    this is so cool!


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