Perception Filter

Sometimes I wish that I could blend into society and not be noticed. Be part of the world without drawing attention to myself.

It was brought to the forefront of my mind yesterday, in fact. I was on a job taking photographs at an event as I do, and when the evening drew to a close thee was a short speech of thanks. Now, I’d been up front using my 50mm lens in order to get as much light as possible in the rather dark hall, so you can imagine how many people I’d distracted with my camera beeps and shutter sounds. It wasn’t a very nice feeling.

So when this speech of thanks came up (which by friend was leading), I was actually relieved when my name didn’t crop up at all. I’ve never liked being in the spotlight, especially with a lot of people. Sure I don’t mind taking photos, I love it actually, but it’s always got to me how much attention can be drawn to me when I’m up there snapping away. It’s unnerving. I’m the type of guy who’d rather fade into obscurity and not be recognised by the masses for my work, which I know completely contradicts the line of work I’m in.

I’m by no means ashamed of my work though, not at all. I don’t loathe doing public camera work because of any shame it brings. No, it’s just the way I feel about attention.

Some revel in it, and try to get as much as possible through odd or striking behaviour hoping to leave their mark on people. I, on the other hand, would rather leave marks, but leave them in such a way that people would forget my name, and leave the attention seeking to someone else. It’s an odd notion I know, but for those of us who do operate like this I’m sure it makes sense.

I sometimes wish that I had something that would hide me from normal eyes not only while I work, allowing them to focus on the main attraction, but just in everyday life, allowing me to be a ghost to some extent. Sometimes it feels like that already, especially in crowded cities and town centres, but a more permanent solution would be more than welcome.

It brings me to the title of my post. Now, if anyone has watched Doctor Who, the British TV program, they’ll know what I mean. If not, then in it’s simplest terms a perception filter is a device that doesn’t make one invisible, but rather makes them extremely hard to notice, and if someone’s not looking for the object hidden behind one, they will often ignore it.

Maybe it’s about time I delved into science a bit more.

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