Sometimes I forget how little I actually know, and I’m surprised at how many mistakes I make.

I know that I don’t know everything, of course, and I know there’s always something to learn ot learn to do better, but sometimes it’s surprising to look at myself and see the blatant mistakes I make that I should’ve avoided in the moment.

I’ve made some recent mistakes, and I’m learning the hard way that I need to plan ahead more often and learn temperance in certain areas of my life. I just hope that this time I’ll actually take the lesson to heart and make sure to apply them in future.


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  1. Yes Alex its the real fact of life , we come here to do mistake and learn, if we not then no meaning of life. But the problem is we can’t want to acknowledge our mistake ..we just forgot the learning..great blog and great post.


    1. It’s true, learning from mistakes is the hardest part, especially when we lack the foresight to see the consequences our actions will bring us!

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