Regrets & Death

Everyone says to live life without regrets, since obviously you can’t change the past, but lets be honest. We all have at least one thing that we would like to have done differently if we knew what the future had in store for us.

I recently found out that my friends grandma was moved to hospital, and inevitably we got onto the subject of regrets, and how even though he can still go visit her now, he regrets not spending more time with her when she was more able bodied. In turn I shared how I too have regrets, as when my grandad died, I suddenly realised that in reality, I hadn’t spent much time with him at all in the recent years beforehand, a fact which I still feel responsible for to this day.

No one knows how much time they have left, and I think that sickness and death highlight how much time we actually spend with the individuals we care the most about, or how much time we should spend with them. However, often when we realise our mistakes it’s too late to rectify them, and we’re left wishing for a second chance in order to spend more time, but that can’t happen.

So just remember that you don’t have all the time in the world, and neither do your close family and friends. There are a million and one ways that life can be snuffed out, so make sure you use the present wisely, as the future is never promised to any of us.


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  1. Good reminder.. and that’s what Spirits convey to those still incarnating – Not To Regret and Take Action Now. 🙂

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    1. Hesitance is the greatest cause of regret, but also the greatest life saver in some circumstances. It’s just knowing when to hesitate and when to take action that is the key!


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