365 Days

I’m not the most regular updater but hey, whatever works I guess. I always mean to put something up here but just never get around to doing it. Whether it’s lack of motivation or something else I always just end up putting it off to another day.

However as you can see this time I actually got around to it.

I’ve never been that much into birthdays. Well, my own at least. I’m a year older. Yay. I can’t deny it does signify something however and that there is some amount of respect I have for people who manage to live through life’s hardships year after year and find the strength to carry on.

Birthday’s may lose their importance as we get older but that doesn’t mean they lose their meaning one bit. Surviving another 365 days is no small feat, especially with the hazards and challenges that can happen in small spaces of time. I do think it’s good to celebrate the fact that another year has been passed and you’ve lived to tell the tale.

On the subject of birthdays my sister recently hit 11 and sometimes I look back on the photos from when she was 2 thinking how far she’s come and how much she’s learnt. It really is something to see someone grow up, go through phases and learn from mistakes. Of course her journey isn’t over. Far from it in fact. It is comforting to know however that she’s lived 11 years without anything happening, which gives me hope that she’ll see many more.

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