I was taken to hospital the other night with pneumothorax (a collapsed lung). I rarely go to hospitals usually and even rarer for myself, so it was a bit of a sudden thing since I’m usually in good health.

On the way to the hospital in the ambulance I was abrupty reminded of how much potential every person has in life and how many people never fulfill it. I was lying there thinking how less than 12 hours earlier I had left an interview at Wolverhampton University and had my place confirmed to finish my degree in Photography. It was such a short timespan in the grand scheme of things yet here I was with a potentially life threatening medical condition.

It occured to me that every day people have plans to better themselves. To make something of their time and talents and better the world and themselves with their existance. Yet in a lot of cases these lives are cut short without warning and their potential and ambitions are never fulfilled. It sort of brought home how fragile life really is and that in all honesty unless the time you have is spent recuperating from endevours or doing those endevours, it’s a very serious waste of life.

I also found myself thinking of all the things I could do in my life that I’d never given thought to before, which made me realise that even if someone endevours to live their life to the fullest, there will always be things they want to do that they don’t even realise themselves until the end.

Living a fulfilling life isn’t easy by any stretch and I don’t think anyone in the world will ever be able to honestly say that they’ve experienced it all and have no regrets, but at least we can all try.

As for my own medical condition I’m just housebound for a few weeks to make sure nothing else happens before my checkup. The odd thing is that this might happen again without warning, so I’ll have to keep an eye out, especially with changes in air preassure when flying or swimming. I have never been able to use the phrase ‘living life on the edge’ so accurately until now.

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