Turn On The Light

Sometimes I look on society and wonder. Everyone seems to just follow. We listen to other people telling us how to live our lives and take their ideas on board. We hear one side of the story in the news and take it as the all encompassing truth. We hear one politician shouting the loudest and promising the most, so we flock to their side.

Humanity, it seems, has become a flock of sheep.

Is it bad to follow someone? No. Every body of people needs a leader (though that is subject to debate, now I think about it) so it’s natural that we join sides with someone and follow them. What I do think needs to change however is the mindless following of the crowd or sugar coated words which are used to sway the populous. It seems with the age of media (especially social media), that whatever side uses the best marketing, has the loudest voice and promises what people want to have will easily become the side people gravivate to. When it comes to people being torn down the same is also true. People seem to be so eager to see public figures being torn down and humiliated that they don’t even bother to seek out the other side of the story, only giving attention to the negatives which the news publishes.

I believe that as a whole humanity needs to step back and instead of following what we immediately hear and cast judgment, we need to take the time to see both sides of the coin and understand what’s actually going on instead of ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ so to speak.

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