Always A Good Time


It doesn’t have to be like that all the time though. Spending time with friends and family needn’t be expensive, even when going places.

I’ve noticed in today’s society that spending is going up, prices are going up but wages are stagnant even in some cases going down. It makes it hard to have a ‘good time’ while not soending too much money without proper planning and searching for cheaper options.

Spending time wisely is also a challenge. The urge to not do anything or do the minimum after the work day ends is strong, but leaves you with a lot to do on the wekeends and other days when it becomes pressing. Maximising time after work gives you much more downtime when there actually isn’t much to do and also gives more time for personal things and time with others.

It’s hard to do, obviously. A job that keeps you sat down will leave you feeling a lot more tired of an evening than say an active job will. An active job (such as mine) will give a feeling of tiredness but since you’re already on the go it’s much easier to continue. Utilising all the time you have while maintaining some rest time and personal time is key though.

We only have one life and it seems that society is hell bent in taking up all the time we have in this life with work to the point that we get ill from overworking and tiredness when we fit our own things in. Make all the time you can count. You never get any second back once it’s gone.


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