Trailer Time! No.3

Yes I know this game is out already. I should know. I play it. I couldn’t help but put the literal up though because it’s one of my favourite ones.

Trailer Time! No.1

I have to admit it this trailer is one of the best I’ve seen. Ubisoft really outdid themselves on the 3D animation 😀

The Sun! It Burns!

How to explain my day…well. I started out my day by finally starting chapter seven of my story on and took the time to analyse the weather and determine how to dress. I opted for a complete black cover, hoping it would rain later but, much to my dismay, I was left sweltering in…

NEC Animation

A short animation I made which I think could be the base of an idea for for an animated pre-video clip for the NEC media team. I’m not sure whether it’ll be used but it was fun to make anyway. Render Time: 12 Hours. Programs Used: Cinema 4D & QuickTime 7 Pro.