Tomb Raider

It’s not often that I can lose myself in a game entirely, and spend hours just ‘bashing’ a game till I’ve finished it entirely. The most recent ones are The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, BioShock Infinite, FEZ, and Tomb Raider. The last three are actually fairly recent, with BioShock Infinite being purchased about two weeks…

The Evening Post – Issue 20

Good Evening! Yeah, sorry for the lack of posts and all. I did have a post ready on my iPod, but that sucked, and I realised that I’m gonna have to limit my blogging to the desk… I just can’t seem to ge the hang of this whole mobile blogging thing. It doesn’t seem natural….

The Evening Post – Issue 15

Good evening fellow pressers, and readers. Yes, I do both of those things, so I can relate to both parties. How’s life? Good? Bad? Oh, you’d rather not say? That’s fine, I guess we all have our secrets. Anyway, you know that post I said I’d been working on? I scrapped it. Yep. Gone. Deleted….