Newsspot – In Santorum’s Sweep, Sign of G.O.P. Unease With Romney

Oay, I’m back! Sorry for the lack of posts and all, but you know, duty calls…as usual. This week’s actually  been a real rush to be honest, but I’ll explain more in my evening post. Today’s Newsspot caught my eye, and since I’m a big fan of american politics (as I said a while ago)…

Newsspot – Obama Speech Makes Pitch for Economic Fairness

  I like this post. I like it a lot. The bridge between the upper and lower classes has alway intrigued and repulsed me since there is such a divide, and it’s nice to see the leaders trying to bridge that gap, although it’s safe to say that the gap may never be fully bridged….

The Faily Mail – Read If You Want To See A Forced Post

Hey, explorer! Reading my posts again? Knew it. Stalker… Not that I mind, of course. It gives me views so you just keep on stalking me and whoever else you follow, ok? Good. Now for today’s post I’d like to first apologise for failing to put up a post in the evening about my day….

The Evening Post – Issue 9

My oh my! It seems as if I have left all you readers without a decent post for a whole week! Well then that must change and what better time to change that situation other than now! I shan’t bother to fill you in on the last seven days since that would take too long…

The Afternoon Article – Issue 4

Good afternoon people. I realise that I failed to update you on my day yesterday so I will do so now. Yesterday was a fairly normal Tuesday since nothing extraordinary happened or anything worth mentioning and after my work I went to my keyboard lesson and then walked to pathfinders. My keyboard lesson was normal…