New Family Members

I won’t be shy. I’m not a fan of pets. There. I said it. I simply can’t cope with looking after pets for extended periods of time.

Considering that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when my sister was gifted a pair of Gerbils (one of which is the most energetic animal I’ve ever seen) for Christmas, I was quick to point out ot my family that I, under no circumstances, would not be taking part in the care of the new family members.

However, even though they haven’t been here long, and I haven’t exactly been getting involved with the daily care, I definitely class them as family, and they have grown on me to an extent. I’ve even taken it as my duty to become their personal photographer, which is taxing in itself, as they never keep still long enough to get a clean shot.

I just hope the energetic one stops kicking sawdust out the gerbalium at some point. Nothing’s worse than socks filled with sawdust, and Rubie seems quite content to be lax in her cleaning duties when it comes to the constant sawdust ejection.

I suppose even though their family now, it’s a love-hate relationship.


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  1. Timon and Pumbaa says:

    You’ll grow to love them more everyday… Us, gerbils, we are great friends 🙂


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