The Evening Post – Issue 15

Good evening fellow pressers, and readers. Yes, I do both of those things, so I can relate to both parties.

How’s life? Good? Bad? Oh, you’d rather not say? That’s fine, I guess we all have our secrets. Anyway, you know that post I said I’d been working on? I scrapped it. Yep. Gone. Deleted. Erased. All data value written over with zeros, for the tech neeks. I’ve decided to do a new post off the top of my head, since it feels natural, and I also have two events to tell you little people about in this post so, without further ado, I shall begin my epic tale…

Never let me run a bath. Really. I mean, like, if you ask me to run a bath and allow me to do something else whilst it’s running, you’ll reap the consequences, and they’ll most likely be a recreation of Noah’s flood in your own home. Neat, huh? Yeah, that’s not exactly what I thought when it happened to me on Friday evening. You see, I’d decided to run a bath, since my mother had been working so hard all day, and she usually never has one. I had good intentions alright, but for Alex, sometimes they just aren’t enough to guarantee that something’s gonna go well. My first mistake was leaving the bath to run, I’ll admit that, but really, who just sits and watches a bath fill? Anyone who agreed, I commend you. So I left the bath to fill, and decided (foolishly) to watch part of a movie called ‘The Replacement Gods’ on iTunes. It wasn’t my best idea, I can tell you that now. After a while I heard my mum shouting upstairs about a bath or something or other. My immediate response was ‘coming!’ but my memory soon jolted me into action. Minimizing the window (hey, it’s a habit, alright?), I sprinted into the bathroom only to come up to my ankles in water. Okay, I exaggerate, It came above my toes, but it was close. I swiftly threw all the towels I could find into place, turned off the tap, and drained the bath. So much for my ‘surprise’ for mum. It took a while, but after around forty-five minutes, I had managed to get the bathroom dry, and clear of water. My next task, as so pointed out by mum (who was not taking this well, I assure you), was to dry up downstairs where the water had seeped through. This was hard, because I didn’t have my trusty towels, but I set to work with my reliable *cough* mop. It took a while, I’ll definitely say that, but I managed to dry up all of the water that had found it’s way downstairs, and by the time all was said and done, I’d begun to develop blisters. If I was to describe it lightly, I would call it the most physical exercise I’d done in months. If I described how I really felt it, I would call it my own personal HELL. I have to be thankful that nothing was damaged though, as all the electrical circuits remained intact and usable…I just felt sorry for the carpet outside the bathroom. Of course all is well now, but Mum probably won’t trust me to run a bath until I get my own place…in which I hope the overflow has holes big enough to take large volumes of water.

Moving on to today…

Today was nice, and by nice I mean it was terrible at the start, but the evening made up for that. Kind of life’s way of paying me back, I guess. Anyway, I had pathfinders today. From 11 till 1. End of. That’s all I should have to say for all you guys to start going ‘aww’ and ‘poor guy’. If not, you’re just heatless, and I hope you can get a heart soon. It really is necessary for survival. The evening made up for my plight, however, when I managed to make my way to my good cousin Cadeem’s house, in which we decided to lounge on the couch with ginger beer and play Forza 4. *sigh* Good times, people, good times. The problem was that I was so wrapped up in playing that I lost track of time, and had to quickly rush off back home, seeing as it was nearing five, and I was meant to be back for four. Thankfully, my mother is a very lenient woman, and I escaped unscathed once more. The reason I’m telling you this is so that you aren’t disappointed when I tell you that we did record our Forza races, but unfortunately, seeing as the file is 2.2GB, and I couldn’t figure out how to shift it from my cousins laptop to my computer without some miracle where Dropbox suddenly gave me free space, I won’t be able to upload it today. I do, however, have some photos that I managed to take and move to my 512mb memory card from his camera to mine, so don’t worry, you can at least have some insight in to what I was up to.

I’m stopping this post here now, because I’m seriously tired (I had to fix another computer in the wee hours of the morning), so I hope this’ll be good enough till tomorrow morning. I’ll be starting my regular posts up again tomorrow, so there’ll be a lot more content being posted like before. I have to warn you though, I will be posting nothing on any Saturdays, so at those times you’ll just have to make do with the stale posts from the day before.

Alex Out.


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  1. Alan Sexton says:

    While my heart goes out to you Alex, fortunately, I can not personally relate as I always shower so there is no danger of flooding the bath in this way. Not that I have not found other ways to flood rooms, mind you, but this is not one of those ways. 🙂


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