Photo Of The Day – Bokeh, Version 3

There;s nothing quite like taking your own photo, and posting it as the photo of the day, is there? Nope, I didn’t think so either. So, today I was out taking photos at church (as you do) and suddenly, my mind seemed to scream ‘bokeh’, and so I switched to manual focus (like a boss), and took a few focus with some heavy bokeh littering the image. The camera I was using was from my friend Zhane Simpson, who had borrowed it from her college for a school project she was working on. I was quite lucky to be able to get the RAW files off in time and onto my memory card so I could develop them, since we all had to rush off because of the snow. I’ll be taking some more tomorrow, so for those of you who follow my Flickr photostream, you should be pleased that some more email alerts will be headed your way!

If you add me on Facebook (see top left corner of the webpage), you can browse all my photos from today in my albums, or if you know my Flickr stream, you can see my best pictures there.

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