Photo Of The Day/The Afternoon Article – Issue 8

Good afternoon readers!

What’s this? A combined post?! Yeah, I’m tired like that…

Today’s been quite peaceful so far, and seeing as I just posted a newsspot not that long ago, I thought I’d update you on my condition…

I’m getting better!


I went to the doctors yesterday, and I was prescribed some eye cream and eye drops for the inflammation and bacteria in my eye. It was relieving to know that I don’t have conjunctivitis, and that it would be back to normal within a week.

There’s not much to update you guys on though, unfortunately, because I’ve been resting my eye sleeping for the past few days, and nothing’s been going on. There was yesterday though, which was my Mum’s birthday! We didn’t do much, because she just wanted a rest day, but we did go and have a well deserved Subway for lunch, and she had some friends over in the evening. Needless to say, she enjoyed it. Other than that I’ve just been playing Junk Jack with my one good eye, which you can probably tell from my recent tweets. I was thinking of uploading some photos later of my adventures, so we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, on to the photo of the day! This photo comes from another of my most favorite photographers (I have at least 5), Sam Yaoo, from Taiwan… if I’m correct. This photo is just so beautiful that I couldn’t pass it up, and it reminds me that spring is virtually here! The pink tree, and the bike make excellent scenery too, and it adds so much life to the picture it seems almost perfect. Awesome work Sam!

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