Status Update!

It honestly looks like it’s time for me to hit the real world. You all know what I mean. Get some work, and in turn, get some cash. It all pays in, in theory. These past weeks after finishing college for the year have just proven how lazy I can honestly be. The most I’ve done is game and sleep, with a little social interaction and writing on the side. I have re-kindled my interest in writing, but it only really happens wan inspiration hits me, which lasts around an hour every night. That leaves my days totally free to just mill around, gradually becoming more sloth than human. That brings me to today, which has become a serious milestone. I’ve finally succeeded in putting an action plan together which should help me in terms of getting work, whether it be just for experience and money, or a proper photography project. Hopefully it’ll pay off, but even if it doesn’t at least I’ve done something with my time today. I’ll eventually get back to posting here, but I’m just sorting out what exactly I’ll be using this for. My mind is leaning towards the idea of purchasing the ‘profile’ theme once I’ve got enough money, and using it as a half portfolio/blog, with Flickr and deviantART as little extensions. Honestly, I’m not too sure… whatever gets the biggest base I suppose.

Speaking of deviantART, I’ve finally become an active member after a year and six months! My last piece of work consisted of an extremely poor piece of typography which was meant to inspire me more than anything. Now I get the feeling it did more harm than good. Anyway, I’m uploading some photos there as we speak, and I’m trying to get back into typography and the like. Perhaps I’ll find a better source of inspiration there instead.

Anyway, I’m probably boring you with my life story, so feel free to head over to my photostream or ART page linked on the side here. My portfolio is more dead than anything, though I will be attempting to bring it up to date today, depending on the speed I can be bothered to organize my work. I’ll get back to posting some of my Flickr contacts photos here too, and I tell you now, the amazing ‘Masa :D’ has honestly become my all time favorite Japanese urban photographer. No questions asked.

This is Alex, rambling on as usual, and about to finish updating his sites before playing some well-earned Far Cry 3.


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